2015 – 2016 year

In boarding-school the pupils who have ended 6 classes of comprehensive school with Kazakh and Russian languages of the training, having strongly pronounced abilities in the field of the fine arts and the sustained admission examinations are accepted. Reception is carried out on a competitive basis by results of entrance examinations. In the course of training pupils receive the basic secondary education and the general art formation on the academic drawing, the academic painting, a sculpture, a composition, arts and crafts. Training – on budgetary (7, 8, 9 class) a basis. Visitors from the remote areas are provided with a boarding school.

The list of the documents represented to a selection committee:

1. The statement from parents;

2. Copies of the identification card of parents;

3. The sheet about progress 1 – 6 classes (original);

4. The birth certificate (a copy – 2 pieces);

5. Photographs in the size 3х4 – 6 pieces;

6. The medical inquiry (the form № 086);

7. The health passport;

8. A card of preventive inoculations (the form № 063);

9. A medical card (the form № 026);

10. The inquiry on family structure (ЦОН);

11. Not less than 20 artworks executed under the program of initial art school (for the selection commission);

12. The characteristic assured by the press of the principal.

Terms of documents acceptance and examinations: 

Documents acceptance and consultations: from June, 01 till June, 16th.

Creative examinations (the academic drawing, the academic painting, a composition): from June, 17 till June, 19th.

Native language (dictation): on June, 20th.

Transfer: on June, 21st.