The history of the boarding school, college KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov
26.06.1988 by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR №432 from 06.26.1988, the Republican Art Boarding School for gifted children was opened, the foundation of which was laid in 1986.
The first director of the boarding school was a graduate of Shymkent Pedagogical Institute U.Sh.Ibragimov.
For the first time in Kazakhstan Ulykbek Sharakynuly opened a three-stage continuous learning ‘boarding school, college, higher education institution “, in this time of the Kazakh National Academy named T.Zhurgenov.
By the decision of Ministry of Education of KR №6 / 2 from 06.03.1991, the National College of Art was opened on the basis of the Republican specialized boarding school of art.
Based on the decision of Ministry of Education of the Republic №6 / 2 dated 03.06.1991 was opened National Art College at the Republican specialized boarding school of art.
On the basis of the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan №1619 from 11.12.2001, the combined boarding school, college, academy im.T.Zhurgenova arts. Boarding school and college is a subdivision KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova.

     College objectives are improvement of professional skills in the arts students, training of qualified specialists, strengthening of international relations, development and improvement of educational programs.
In addition, the main thing is the education of morality and improving intellectual abilities of students.
Kontseptsiya educational process is based to modern innovative technologies, education of patriotism, aimed at the formation of moral foundations of a creative personality.


* Respect for the Republic of Kazakhstan;

* Patriotic education;

* Education of civil activity;

* Improving the creativity of young artists;

* Increase the creative skill of the artist.

At the boarding school received gifted students who have completed six years of secondary school with Russian and Kazakh language learning, educational exams passed.
During the training students receive specialized art knowledge on the subjects: drawing, composition, sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, along with general subjects.

Boarding school, the college has its own educational building, body boarding, with 150 pupils, med.punkt, 2 dining rooms, 1 auditorium, 1 ballroom, a library (about 56 000 books fund), 2 computer labs, interactive whiteboards 5, 19 classrooms for general subjects, 30 workshops for spets.predmetov.

At the boarding school, college KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova work 151 teachers: 33 teachers have the highest category, 21 teachers – 1 category, 27 teachers – 2 category.

Professionally-teaching staff of the boarding school, the College:

* Honored Kazakhstan – 1;

* Dr. ped.nauk – 1;

* Professor – 3;

* PhD – 4;

* Candidate Physical Sciences – 1;

* Excellence in Education of Kazakhstan – 8;

* Breastplates Altynsarin – 5;

* Medal for outstanding work – 1;

* Diploma of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1;

* Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan – 23;

* Honorable figures Education of Kazakhstan – 2;

* Excellence of Culture – 3;

* Medal of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan – 1;

* Letter of appreciation from the MES – 6;

* The letter “Kurmet” from the MES – 4;

* Diploma of MES – 4;

* Members of the Union of theatrical figures – 1;

* Winners – 5.

Our college students are known outside the Republic, as well as on a global level.
College students participate in district, regional, national and international festivals and competitions.
College KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov produced about 5,000 graduates, brought up several generations.

One of the brightest pages of the history of the college is to organize and participate in international festivals:

1. “Samgau – 2011” International Festival of Young Artists, 11.10. – 14.10.2011, the
our college students Capac T. – 3 course Amangeldinov A. – 2 course Dry A. – 3 course Oryngali A. – 3 course – the Grand Prix.

2. “ART Samgau – 2013” dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the statesman of RK T.Zhurgenov. In the category “Arts and Crafts – The Second International Festival-Contest Workshop” Eurasia – Scythian motifs. ”

Vypusnitsa boarding school, college KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova, teacher special. disciplines Abzhanova Anar Sarybekқyzy – winner of the “Europe Art” g.Parizh, Decree of the President of Kazakhstan on 12.09.2014 was awarded the state grant, is also the owner of “Daryn” prize in the category “Design and art fine arts.”

College Students KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov in “Actor’s Art” won the top prize in the 15th International Festival of creativity “Friends of Bulgaria”.

On segodneshny day celebrated 26 years of educational activity of boarding school, college KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova.

During these years of boarding school, college KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova makes a huge contribution, aimed at the formation of the moral foundations of a creative personality, as well as students are able to contribute to the development of national art, intellectual and spiritual development specialists.

Rector KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov – Nusipzhanova Bibigul Nurgalievna, head of a boarding school, college, Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhumahmetova Zura Zhumahmetovna make a significant contribution to the development of creative skills of teachers, improving teaching skills.

It has a huge support to teachers to exchange experiences and relations with other republics of the CIS and foreign countries in the field of art.
The main trend are: the exchange of creative experience. The main duty of the college teachers are training talented youth.
Thus, a boarding school, college KazNAU im.T.Zhurgenova is a hotbed of culture, contributing to the development of national art.